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CAS 327-97-9 Low price chlorogenic acid

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1.Product Name : CAS 327-97-9 Low price chlorogenic acid
2.Appearance :White crystalline powder
4.Test method :HPLC
5.Introduction :

Chlorogenic acid is the main antibacterial honeysuckle, one antiviral effective pharmacological components.

Chlorogenic acid has a wider antibacterial effect, but the protein in the body that can be inactivated. Similar caffeic acid, oral or intraperitoneal injection, can increase excitability in rats. Small bowel and rat uterus may increase tension in rats and mice. Choleretic effect, can enhance the secretion of bile in rats. Human sensitization, inhalation of dust containing plant of this product may occur asthma, dermatitis.


1. Fruit coloration ((Promoting stability of anthocyanidin)

2. The anti-hypertensive effect 

3. Anti-tumor effect

4. Kidney, and enhance immune function 

5. Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-aging musculoskeletal


6. Anti-bacterial, anti-virus 


Packaging Description

Sealed export grade drum & double of sealed plastic bag


In a cool dry place and keep away from strong light and heat

Shelf life

2 years when properly stored