Panax notoginseng root extract

namePanax notoginseng extract
Test MethodHPLC
Specificationtotal saponins 75% 
IngredientsNotoginsenosideR1≥5.0% Ginsenoside Rg1≥25.0% Ginsenoside Re≥2.5% Ginsenoside Rb1≥30.0% Ginsenoside Rd≥5.0% Total Saponin≥75%

What is Panax notoginseng ?

      Panax notoginseng is a species of the genus Panax, and it is most commonly referred to in English as notoginseng. In Chinese it is called tian qi, tienchi ginseng, san qi or sanchi, three-seven root, and mountain paint. Notoginseng belongs to the same scientific genus as Asian ginseng. In Latin, the word panax means “cure-all”, and the family of ginseng plants is one of the most well-known herbs.
Notoginseng grows naturally in China and Japan. The herb is a perennial with dark green leaves branching from a stem with a red cluster of berries in the middle. It is both cultivated and gathered from wild forests, with wild plants being the most valuable. The Chinese refer to it as “three-seven root” because the plant has three branches with seven leaves each. It is also said that the root should be harvested between three and seven years after planting it.


Blood and Blood-making System:

Panax notoginseng extract has fairly high effect of hemostasia. Panax notoginseng extract can evidently shorten the time for bleeding and cruor and promote cleavage, growth and multiplication of various blood cells, thus panax notoginseng extract having distinct efficacy of enriching blood, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and promoting blood generation.

Cardiovascular System:

Experiment has demonstrated that panax notoginseng extract can not only evidently enlarge blood vessel, reduce coronary resistance, increase coronary flux, enhance coronary microcirculation and increase blood flux in nutritious cardiac muscle, but also reduce artery pressure, slightly decrease cardioverter and relieve heart workload, thus panax notoginseng extract can evidently reduce oxygen consumption by cardiac muscle and curing cardiac-muscle ischemia, angina and shock.

Nervous System:

Panax notoginseng extract from the above ground of panax notoginseng can inhibit central nerves, having the efficacy of calming down, soothing mood and promoting slumber, etc. The underground of it can excite central nerves and improve brain power and physicals strength, having the efficacy of resisting fatigue. In a word, notoginsenosides from all parts of Panax notoginseng extract can enhance memory with evident effect of abirritation.

Anti-inflammation,Anti-oxidation and Anti-aging Effect:

Panax notoginseng extract can evidently inhibit the enhancement of blood vessel permeability caused by various reasons, having fairly high effect of anti-inflammation.

Panax notoginseng extract can evidently improve the activity of SOD and reduce the content of LPO in brain tissues and blood, thus having anti-aging effect.

Immune System:

Panax notoginseng extract can evidently raise phagocytosis rate and phagocytosis index of phagocytic cells, improve the total number of leucocytes in ambient blood and reduce mobile index of leucocytes. Notoginsenosides has certain degree of immune and regulative effect. 


Panax notoginseng contains Panax notoginsenosides, β-elemene, microelement selenium and other active substances which can resist cancer. Panax notoginsenoside Rh1 can distinctly inhibit cultivated liver cancer cells; Panax notoginsenoside Rh2 can resist the activity of tumour with fairly high effect and induce cancer cells to revert into normal cells.