Hibiscus flower Extract 10% anthocyanin

What is hibiscus sabdatiffa extract?

Hibiscus Sabdariffa Extract has been used to ease indigestion, relieve colds and respiratory trouble,and as an aid to circulation. Hibiscus is commonly made as a tea to ease stomach trouble. Hibiscus is also a natural source of Vitamin C. Hibiscus Roselle Extract Powder also known as Red Tea, China Rose, Red Sorrell, Roselle, Jamaica Tea, and Sudanese Tea, is not just another pretty flower. Hibiscus grows in tropical areas throughout the world, and has been used not just as an ornament, but also medicinally for centuries. The part of this plant used medicinally is the flower.

  Benefits of Hibiscus extract anthocyanin:

 Hibiscus extract (HE) has a strong antioxidant activity and high anthocyanin content; it can be used as a natural pigment, also adding potential health benefits. Hibiscus contains antioxidants and essential compounds like anthocyanins and flavonoids which come with many health benefits that balance blood pressure,lower your cholesterol level and stabilize blood sugar as well.






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